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3 New Lessons to Expand Your Abstract Painting

(for students of Exploring Abstraction only)

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Explore new ways to expand and strengthen your abstract language. 

The best thing about painting is that the possibilities are endless! New discoveries are always just around the corner. 

While creating and applying these new lessons in my own studio, I experienced wonderful aha moments! 

The concepts in these new exercises can be applied right away into your ongoing work. You can take the ideas and make them your own, wherever you are in your practice.

Crafted with love and attention, this simple, sequential series will help you build confidence in the painting decisions you make, both purposeful and intuitive.  

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“This lesson has been an eye opener. It has shown me how to make shapes, pure and simple, without reference to either landscape or still life. Thank you!”

—Sherma K.

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“I loved this Jenny. It is empowering to see how dramatic changes can lead to new insights. While I enjoy how I paint, I feel like it is time to move out of my safety zone and I am learning so much.”

—Emily L.

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“What an incredible teacher Jenny is! My practice has grown leaps and bounds.” 

—Jamilia E.

The Course at a Glance

The Explore More online course will give you additional building blocks and tools to create dynamic abstract compositions. 

Your work will change in ways you could not have anticipated — incorporating your present sensibilities while pushing your work in new directions. 

There are three extensive lessons in the program and you will receive access to them all right away. You can work through them at your pace and in the order your prefer. 

  • The video trainings are pre-recorded so you can access them anytime — and you own the program for life
  • The exercises are simple, yet can produce expansive results

Lesson 1

Learning from a Master Painting

  • Experience the joy of studying master paintings both visually and in paint as we replicate a segment of a master work and then modify it to make it uniquely your own; introducing surprising new colors, marks and compositional elements into your practice. 

  •  An in-depth three part lesson, working from a master painting of your choosing. 

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Lesson 2

Flexible Forms

  • Modify simple shapes and instill a theme of flexibility into your work, expanding your ability to stay open-minded and observant, so you can recognize the minutia that turns a good painting...into a great painting! 
  • Close observation reveals how the smallest of changes to the edges and boundaries of a shape can shift its character entirely. The more you observe your response, the more your critical seeing grows!
  • Includes slide presentation and discussion
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Lesson 3

From 3-D to 2-D

  • Explore new territory! A discussion of artists who work in multiple mediums and a demonstration that leads us on an adventure creating a 3-dimensional work.
  • Expand the breadth of your abstract language by creating a related painting and construction.
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Studio Discussion

2 Paintings: Exploring the Creative Process

  • Join me in my studio as I discuss two interconnected works on canvas.
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Ready to take your skills in abstract painting to the next level?