Expand Your Skills, Confidence & Joy In Abstract Painting

The Exploring Abstraction online course is currently closed. Click below to be notified when enrollment opens!


Hi, I'm Jenny.

I'm Jenny Nelson and I've been practicing and teaching abstract painting for 20+ years. Through the years, I've painted daily and experienced all the self-doubts and personal challenges that the creative process presents — which paved the way to becoming an effective and skilled instructor.

With dedication, self discipline and a love for my craft, my studio practice is thriving. I am represented by established galleries, and my work has been placed in numerous private collections. I have an international following, and hundreds of students from beginners to advanced, who have been able to transform their art through my classes and workshops. But I can only reach so many people in-person (and during the COVID-19 crisis, that's been virtually impossible).

So, I've created an online program to help students gain a deeper understanding of abstraction and improve their skills and confidence in abstract painting. Wherever they are. Whenever they like. 

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About Exploring Abstraction

You can develop a strong abstract language that is unique to you

I've had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students over the years. In doing so I've learned the common challenges that arise when trying to implement abstract elements into your work.   

Exploring Abstraction is a new online course that will give you the building blocks and tools to create dynamic abstract compositions. You will strengthen your mark-making, shape and color vocabulary by developing a language that is authentic to you.

Your work will change in ways you could not have anticipated — incorporating your present sensibilities while pushing your work to the next level.

The course is comprised of 6 modules delivered over 5 weeks, with exercises that build upon each other. The video trainings are pre-recorded so you can access them anytime — and you own the course for life. Here's a peek at what we'll cover:

  • Lines & Mark Making, including discussion of renowned artists' work and exercises in charcoal drawing
  • Shape & Composition, including exercises in collage making, interpreting collage with paint and creating lines and shapes from life
  • Neutral and Limited Color Palettes, including exercises in mixing gorgeous, harmonious palettes — in both oil and acrylics. 
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Jessie Kotler

"Color and shape can be so overwhelming, but Jenny teaches you to keep going and not be afraid. I learned to trust myself."

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Jane Hofverberg

"Jenny took the fear out of a blank canvas. She has several exercies that enabled me to not feel stressed about starting with nothing."

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James Ransome

"Jenny is warm, comfortable and really eager to share. Her lessons teach you the principles of making good abstract work."

“One never knows what one is going to do. One starts a painting and then it becomes something quite else. It is remarkable how little the 'willing' of the artist intervenes.”

― Pablo Picasso

Are You Ready to Expand Your Skills, Confidence & Joy in Abstract Painting?

The Exploring Abstraction online course is currently closed. Click below to be notified when enrollment opens!